our 11th release, Polar Inertia​ – Kinematic Optics EP , is now available

We have prepared special edition with a ltd. artwork printed on the same paper that had been used for the PI gallery show, and a video CD with the episode in HD.

Up for grabs on & Bandcamp

Will also be available via and all proper record store, starting in a few hours.


 There is definitely something mysterious about Hiss:1292, and unlike a number of other techno projects, it is not the identity of the two producers at stake here.
It has never been concealed : the guys behind the curtains are Opuswerk and Francois X. The latter is found at postal codes between 1200 and 1209 in Switzerland, the second in 92… right near Paris. Hence 1292.
Nobody’s hiding here…

Nobody ? Well, not quite. For this new project at least hides something, or some mysterious spirits that may have chosen to haunt these vinyl grooves. Four of them to be correct ; namely Augun, Damballah, Eshu and Simbi ; four Veves of the Dahomey and Yoruba Vodoo traditions, four complex and intense spirits that have seized Hiss:1292’s music to make it their own.

It is often the intuition of similarities between voodoo and techno that pushes some producers to chose their tracks names with Vodun keywords. Indeed, intense experiences one can endure in some effective techno installment can sometimes approach the mental images we have of Voodoo trance and seizures.
Here, the process has been different. The voodoo theme was unintended at first, but it seemed like a spell had been cast on the record, and the artists were bound to name their music after the spirits that dwell within.If you are curious enough to read a little about Augun, Damballah, Eshu, and Simbi while you listen to the EP, you’ll probably get an eerie feeling, the machine feel of techno will start to peel off, and you’ll get the strange impression you’re listening to something else.
And don’t you worry. The way it has been arranged, those spells should all be very benign…

The vinyl comes with an inner sleeve, where the sequel of the Hiss:1292 conceptual comic strip by Matthieu Cannavo has been printed.
The vévés’ glyphs have also been represented by the creation of typographic characters, and the skull-makeup-suggestive artwork is accidental wall paint from the future DEMENT3D studios…

We hope you’ll get enthralled as much as we did in this one !

Release date : 10th november

set your reminders :


Ligovskoï, aka Nikolaï Azonov and Valerio Selig, started as a drone / ambient / experimental project in 2010. Their previous musical activities had in fact crossed our paths many times before, either at concerts where Nikolaï was performing behind the synths, or projects Valerio was presenting at Beaux-Arts de Cergy, the art school where a couple of seminal techno parties happened, orchestrated by one of Polar Inertia’s members…

Welcoming the young duo in our label’s shelf had become obvious : their tracks have very often found their way in our DJ sets, their live performances were featured in our label nights, and we even organized some more small private experimental concerts to introduce their music to our public. We felt Ligovskoï was gradually becoming more and more inspirational among a range of local and international artists, and it seemed relevant to have their rich and stirring music remixed by artists from label affiliates and other artists that we love.

So, we asked In Aeternam Vale, solo remainder of the 80’s French synth / punk / electronic band. After being blown away by some of their re-issues on Minimal Wave, and meeting him in person early 2013 at one of his rare Parisian live appearances, he delivered a hybrid reinterpretation of the track G.Y. Soon after, we asked Abdulla Rashim – who had already delivered an amazing reinterpretation of Polar Inertia’s Black Sun – to deliver some of his static magic on Labiate, resulting in a beautiful, horizontal and immersive piece.

Last but not least, on D-side of this double-EP release, both label’s co-founders, Francois X and Heartbeat each teamed up with their Parisian mates : Antigone and Voiski to execute techno versions of Ligovskoï ’s wizardry. Antigone & Francois X‘ s remix of the EP’s title track : Dilip is a mental and driving groove that merges perfectly both of their signatures, while Voiski & Heartbeat deliver a slow-tempo and powerful live take on Goha – illustrating one of the many aspects of their live project together : HBTVSK.

This release is very diverse, conveys strong emotions and states some radical aesthetics; we hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.