Band : Francois X
Title : Irregular Passion Reshaped
Release Date : 11 Dec ’19
Catalog ref. : DM3DXXX003

François X presents Irregular Passion Reshaped, a 12 track LP that re-works the original full length LP, released in 2018.
He has invited an accomplished list of friends and artists, both established and newcomers, to reimagine the album tracks for Irregular Passion Reshaped that boldy represent his vision.
From Bjarki’, Bambounou, Pessismist to Anthony Linell aka Abdullah Rashim and more, the collection marks a beautiful transmigration of the original work, embodying the diversity and myriad influences in François’ own music.

‘I wanted a complete rework of my album, containing a wide range of musical directions. A good representation of what XXX is all about. The important thing for me was to have some real transformations on my original material, in a way its a complete new album.’ 



Band : Hendrik van Boetzelaer
Title : Mémoire du Présent
Release Date : 17 Jun ’19
Catalog ref. : DM3DXXX002

“Mémoire du Présent’ is the first record I am releasing under my real name, Hendrik van Boetzelaer, and presents an introspection of my various musical influences, as well as a look at my Egyptian and Dutch origins and my passion for Russia. Moreover, it is a way for me to take stock of how I juggle family responsibilities with the work of an artist and how I have learnt to achieve the best of the present moment.” – Hendrik van Boetzelaer aka Opuswerk.

Following several collaborations as Opuswerk on François X’s label Dement3d, both under their joint HISS:1292 project and on his debut album ‘Irregular Passion’, this is the first project that Hendrik is putting out under his real name, coinciding with the imprint’s objective to present a form of ‘Musique de Banc d’essai’, where emotions and feelings are at the heart of the music chosen with no pre-defined boundaries to limit artist experimentation.

Sailing between techno, house and minimal pulsatile music, the EP presents four tracks that will be released in the form of a limited edition 12’ vinyl of 300 copies.



Band : Francois X
Title : Murky Dreams
Release Date : 1 Apr ’19
Catalog ref. : DM3DXXX001

I will open 2019 with the launch of a new label entitled ‘DEMENT3D XXX’, with the first EP coming from myself.

Operating as a sister label to DEMENT3D Records, the new project will serve as a cultural platform for artists to explore genres across the electronic sphere. This approach stems from my personal approach to music production and DJing, which has an emphasis on warm, emotive and sensual cuts at its core.

The inaugural EP is due April 1st, with the four tracks featured on ‘Murky Dreams’ bridging the gap between my past and forthcoming work as well as my future vision for the imprint, incorporating broken arrangements, captivating soundscapes, and immersive textures to reveal a warmer, more house-focused side to my sound.

Whilst my productions remain centred around my personal vision of the night, the cuts explore and delve deep into the idea of both obscurity and mystery, returning back to ideas I have explored with ‘Irregular Passion’ LP released in 2018.

François X

‘Murky Dreams’ is due to be released on DEMENT3D XXX, April 1st.

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Band : In Aeternam Vale
Release Date : 14 May ’18
Catalog ref. : DM3D020

You’re invited once again to the IAV vaults, where the measured density of “instant classics” is getting higher and higher as we dig. This time around, you’re up for three techno steamrollers, infused with both club and rave DNA, from distant times ranging between 1989 and 2000.

While those tracks will let you connect with your utmost dancefloor and rave self, one should keep in mind Laurent Prot is not your average club punter. Set aside his more recent club live PAs, Laurent has hardly even been to clubs or raves altogether. Funny enough, the dancefloor is not his favorite place to be, but he’s been cultivating this special techno fantasy-land from his own studio in the Lyon suburbs. His own little private funky town.

Speaking of Funkytown, this 1989 cryogenized squared-up mechanical version should be seen just as much as a nonchalant pastiche from the purest punk tradition. The format too, an unedited 18-minutes live machines jam with intact energy, shows no preoccupation for your classic DJ set requirements. Naïvely put : In Aeternam Vale on his best behaviour.

Subway Battle is the fruit of a collaboration with Philippe Tona, a frequent flyer at IAV in the early years. The result is a shot of pure adrenalin, made in 1995.

180 GeV is the most recent piece here, it’s a heavy collision of Industrial and Dub Techno, and an impressive progression into your deepest late-night energy powerhouses.

Thus a techno EP this time around, it also shows In Aeternam Vale is as crossover a project as it gets, where techno, punk wave, disco and industrial all blend together in unconventional ways.




Band : Coldgeist
Title : Unknown Bodies
Release Date : 19 Mar ’18
Catalog ref. : DM3D019

Coldgeist’s music on Unknown Bodies is an intimate reinterpretation of coldwave, techno and dark ambient codes, uttered with strength, guts, and an underlying romantic soul.
Inspired by nocturnal runs of “bōsōzoku” bikers clans, who stem from this japanese subculture of the late seventies ; Coldgeist has created a series of soundscapes and songs that evoke speeding through foggy nights and fluorescent lights.

Haunting repetitions and stiffness of the rhythms as a metaphor of mechanical gestures, of bodies turned into units of consumption, stranded from the life and passion they crave. The frustration of a youth that only finds relief in extreme experiences, danger, and the sexual tension of speed and crashes.
With analog and digital instruments, field recordings but also his own voice and songs, Coldgeist has bred a truly unique record.



François X – Irregular Passion

Band : Francois X
Title : Irregular Passion
Release Date : 20 Nov ’17
Catalog ref. : DM3D017

At night, things get a lot more unpredictable. A stranger can become a friend, you suddenly become intimate with a woman or a man whose name you will never find out, while darkness also allows you to conceal your true identity – even become someone else.

Inspiration for this album emanates from the fascination towards the intensity of what nightlife has to offer ; euphoria and melancholy, spotlights or incognito, sexual contact or lonely voyeurism… Francois X entertains the listener with playful ambiguïty and unsettling, yet sensual atmospheres. Sometimes dirty, sometimes just quite naively elegant, the double-edged demeanor on this album fittingly concludes the Blade-Runner’s replicants-inspired triptych with his two previous EPs on DEMENT3D. X had envisioned Rachael as the last reference to the movie. The enigmatic, smart but unpredictibale woman. Exactly the kind of muse an artist seeks.

In the intimacy of his studio, he slowly reached a state of flux, where creation and narration blends in naturally. Just like when the dancers let go, X’s mind was pouring ideas. Quite a surprising variety of genres and references featured on this album, bridging a lot of influences and different compositions together – yet held together by a cinematic, sexual tension and blurry atmosphere. Much like his DJsets, you have to imagine Francois X running an esoteric ceremony of sexual wizardry and card-shuffling where bodies slowly moisten and yield to abandonment.

Art Direction by SILENT SERVANT

Valentino Mora – Slow Hyper Controlled Motion

Band : Valentino Mora
Title : Slow Hyper Controlled Motion
Release Date : 10 Jul ’17
Catalog ref. : DM3D018

DEMENT3D is proud to welcome Valentino Mora on board, and share with you a part of his spiritual journey.

“House Music is a feeling, a state of mind”.
This credo had been literally our mantra, Julien and I, during our formative years of clubbing. Definitely the kind of vibe we had been craving for, wanting to give it a strong mark on the label. For us, in a way, it’s still all about the “dream”, a kind of passion for the American Dance Music scene of the 90’s.
During a trip to Japan this year, we spent some time with our friend Valentino Mora chatting about that “dream”, that glorified era, an irresistible fondness we all have in common… It has understandably led to the decision that we had to release something by the man himself.

Some words from Valentino Mora

Slow Hyper-controlled Motion is a homage to early New York spiritual house. I have been obsessed with records from late 80’s / early 90’s that have this vibe of forest, for example Instant House, Jungle Wonz, or Risqué III. There’s also a strong inspiration from Butoh that runs throughout everything I have done with IDO and with this record. I get inspired by dancers and certain dance moves, and particularly with Slow Hyper-controlled Motion I was concerned with this Butoh concept of accepting the fact that you are slow and being able to use the space within this slow-motion to do a lot. The grooves are all directly inspired by Butoh moves.

In creating this record I took field recordings in the forests in Japan. The concept of Slow Hyper-controlled Motion was to recreate this 90’s spiritual house vibe but in a more experimental way. At this time they used a lot of bird samples and more tribal sounding drum machines like 626 and 727. I also included these elements on this record and also got inspired by the sound of rain, leaves and wind and used these as a constant texture for all tracks, and to create a lot of wetness using space reverbs or echos and watery sub bass to portray the feeling of
the forest in a less literal way. Also, I tried to go deeper into the concept by going through a spiritual and meditative process to explore the mysterious aspects of the inspiration.

Ligovskoï – Mana

Band : Ligovskoi
Title : Mana
Release Date : 17 May ’17
Catalog ref. : DM3D016

Mana is the second EP by Ligovskoï, the most poetic and abstract band here at DEMENT3D.

The duo, between Bruxelles and Paris, has come up with five new pieces, bringing their craft to a whole new level. Their condensed and moving soundscapes are now heightened by narrative compositions and constructions. Their music is still mysterious and unsettling by essence ; and there is now something of a paradox between a kind of wary decency that definenes their attitude – where melodies and rhythm patterns are concealed in a vast arrangement of deep frequencies – and on the other hand, how they have now managed to now perform as musicians and express some impredictable energy and interpretation in their works. A very elegant way of installing an incarnated and personal dimension in their music, that complements the classic intimacy and deepness of their ambient / drone etiquette.

The record here, much like Ligovskoï’s previous project “Dilip” is associated with remixes – which makes it a double EP. The originals by the duo are found on sides A and B of a white, opaque vinyl, and the remixes on sides C and D of a classic black 12”.
Polar Inertia and Abdulla Rashim honour us with remixes for the label and we are also proud to welcome Peder Mannerfelt in our remixers roster.

RELEASE DATE …………………………………… 17TH OF MAY 2017
DISTRIBUTION ………………………………………… CLONE.NL

Voiski – Marble Sadness

Band : Voiski
Title : Marble Sadness
Release Date : 13 Feb ’17
Catalog ref. : DM3D014

We’re absolutely thrilled – Voiski’s very first EP on DEMENT3D should have happened years ago, and
it’s finally hitting crates this february. We have to admit, that if it wasn’t for him, the label wouldn’t
be what it is today ; both his inspiration and contribution have been crucial in the beginnings.

The wait has been long, but patience has been rewarded by a very special record, that both relate
very personal themes, and installs Voiski’s “post-trance” stance in an cutting edge, razor-sharp
way. There’s quite a few stories to tell about that record, where compositions, artworks and titles
relate to very specific experiences, objects and memories – now shared through music. It goes
something like this :

Imagine a kid, playing video games in the nineties. Wipeout 2097 to be precise. He’s gone quite
good at it, and when he selects his favorite pod – by AG Systems with his favorite circuit – Valparaiso,
and his favorite track – Tin There, by Underworld, something pretty cool happens. If he achieves
the perfect performance, then during the last lap, just when the Underworld’s track reaches its climax,
the last opponent to pass appears in a distance. The only way to win the race is to let yourself
go in a synesthetic trance with the music, and reach victory almost unconsciously, filled up with

RELEASE DATE …………………………………… 12TH OF MARCH 2017
DISTRIBUTION ………………………………………… CLONE.NL

<iframe style=”border: 0; width: 700px; height: 274px;” src=”” seamless><a href=””>Marble Sadness by Voiski</a></iframe>

François X – Unicorn Paranoia

Band : Francois X
Title : Unicorn Paranoia
Release Date : 19 Sep ’16
Catalog ref. : DM3D015

Two years after his latest solo appearance on DEMENT3D, Francois X, also co-founder of the label, reveals his new EP Unicorn Paranoia. A record that sounds slightly more intimate indeed, after a period marked by close collaborations, especially with Opuswerk (Hiss:1292) and Antigone (We Move As One). The active listener will surely notice a shift in François’s musical approach, the tribal shamanism – once his prevailing credo – has ceded the lead to a somewhat subtler blend of influences.The hypnotic affinity, inevitably one of the prepon- derant aspect in Francois’s previous material has combined with his strong house and industrial influences. Inspired by film directors he admires, François X immerses the listener in a distinct moment of intima- cy, both cinematic and captivating, with a very personal vision of the Club and Dance Music as a keystone. Let’s give him the floor for just a few words:

Unicorn Paranoïa was inspired by a kind of mental utopia that I have of the Club and the electronic music movement as a whole. What I’m trying to transcribe through those few tracks is a daydream that appears to me once in a while, of a New-York City street in the twilight of a starry night. This picture is for me an incarnation of these moments of escape, that I lived many times after every night where this idealized House and Techno movement got me dreaming. It’s that particular fantasy at work on the track Vivid Dreams, for instance. The music coming out of that record is without a doubt techno with raw character. Nevertheless, there is a subtler and more delicate aspect to it that reflects one of the angles of what I feel is my approach to music. My DJ sets, for example, tend to aim at length and progression rather than instantaneous efficiency. I apply myself to bring about contemplation and reverie, those fleeting moments when “the magic” briefly performs. Persistence Hunting and Unicorn Paranoia are a perfect realization of that illusion: the lengthy progression should guide the listener towards an inexplicable frenzy. A fictitious or real one ?

Hence the Unicorn… this mythical animal, visiting many an ephemeral dream sequence. Here, I intended to make a reference to several things: to the movie Blade Runner for instance, where dreams are an essential part of the intrigue, as they help determine the human or robotic nature of each character. Deckard dreams of the chimera many times, together with the movie’s enigma, rely on a unicorn-shaped origami. Dreams and Utopia have had a central role in this record’s composition. The Dream, this ultimate pleasure indulged by music, by the passion dedicated to it; and the Utopia (this of the club), which makes us continuously endure nostalgia, sadness, and sometimes even bitterness in that perpetual quest toward an experience that may be found only in The Very First Time”.

RELEASE DATE …………………………………… 12=9TH OF SEPTEMBER 2016
DISTRIBUTION ………………………………………… CLONE.NL

In Æternam Vale – Pink Flamingos

Band : In Aeternam Vale
Title : Pink Flamingos
Release Date : 6 Jun ’16
Catalog ref. : DM3D013

In Æternam Vale, long the best-kept secret of the french synth punk scene, has been revealed many times now. This is about writing a new chapter of that 33+ years story, that begun in Lyon in 1983 as a band, whose leader Laurent Prot – an electronics pioneer and maniac – took over as a solo act since 1985. This new album (3xLP gatefold actually) explores another side of ‘IAV’, that echoes how Laurent sounds now – a ferocious take on techno, post-punk rhythmic elements and drone soundscapes, planted with unrestrained improvisation, and getting closure with a song time after time.
This record is not a compilation of tracks that would stick to a particular time period or subgenre. On the contrary ; there is a definite common thread, that had been found while losing oneself in the intensity of his spectacular live performances lately. Being carried away by his drone improvisations and smothering bass bins, and hearing him play his music, both old and new, there is a singular feeling of both freedom and transcendence that emanates from his music. Some of his lives have lead audiences to become completely silent, and taken away by hypnosis, some other have caused a riot, leading the audience to ultimate excitement. IAV stands for a whole-hearted involvement in the making of his music, and despite the cold and electronic textures, there is a sense of intimacy that we’ve tried to reflect through the choice of the closing song “La Pluie”.

RELEASE DATE …………………………………… 6TH OF JUNE 2016
DISTRIBUTION ………………………………………… CLONE.NL

Antigone & Francois X – We Move As one

Band : Antigone, Francois X


For those who know Antigone and DEMENT3D’s co-founder Francois X, it is impossible to draw the line between their collaboration and friendship. Three years ago, when the duo began exchanging tips on records, production techniques and gears, they had nothing particular in mind. This strategy, or lack thereof, revealed to be much more beneficial to both. One night of 2013, Francois X invites Antigone to DSCRD’s studio — a creative bunker in Paris suburb that was DEMENT3D’s inner circle headquarters at the time. This friendly, spontaneous session quickly turned into a creative workshop and by the end of the evening, “The Hated SZ” was already there.

As you may imagine, projects spanning over such a long time can be risky. You get lost, but that’s what the boys wanted. While slowly affirming their personal sound signature, they were crafting new textures, where their mutual sense of fine dance music and detailed production would hit a new freedom threshold. Francois X admitted to be under the spell of Aposuspita, an art performance and mystical character created by French artist Laura O’Rorke for which he created the soundtrack. The result is a double-EP, the soundtrack of a powerful rite de passage between reality and fiction. A carefully crafted dance music record that tells a story and alters your mind. Just like Aposuspita sucks the pain away from her tribe, Antigone & Francois X’s “We Move As One” offers a modern day catharsis to the listener.

After three years of work, what began as an innocent one night stand turned into one of Paris most exciting release for year 2016. One of the first collaboration between two rising figures of the scene depicted in Resident Advisor’s 2012 “Paris Real Scenes”. A record that embodies the spirit of community that has been fostering the Parisian crowd for over 3 years and that is now reaching a new level, both socially and artistically. The Parisian scene has grown from a sparkle to an organized community of like-minded people, so has the relationship between those two bad boys, and we are proud to crystallize this wild energy on wax.