Polar Inertia – Kinematics Optics

Band : Polar Inertia
Title : Kinematics Optics
Release Date : 8 Jun ’15
Catalog ref. : DM3D011


“Machines will fail us” : those are the unsettling first words of this much expected new episode of the Polar Inertia odyssey. Starting with this ode to machinery, the tale plunges suddenly in a stark apocalyptic scenario. Along the 3:14′ of the track “Kinematic Optics”, this mysterious “polar inertia” eventually begins to materialize and reveal more its true essence.

Same might be said about this double EP, consisting of almost 75 minutes of music. First record is a black vinyl with the actual four pieces of the “episode”. Second one is a white vinyl with the entire recording of their live “Can We See Well Enough To Move On”, that had been given just once, in May 2014, for the closing of their expo in Brussels, at the project space/ gallery Abilene.

Again this illustrates Polar Inertia’s will to be seen as an unidentified entity, where many participants contribute to the evolution of the Project : the expo in Brussels last year was indeed a collective effort, and the live you’re listening to was given from a considerable distance, with streaming, to an audience that didn’t see the performers from where they stood.

The four tracks of the first record convey the same feeling ; of music that seems to be composed as a soundtrack for oblivion, and disappearance of individuals. Polar Inertia’s techno is made with a very specific intent : taking the time to accurately tell a story, bring specific emotions, narrative noises and illustrations, integrating all elements in a contention between darkness and light, between a tale of Earth destroyed by nuclear weapons, and the blinding white-out of the Polar Children’s wizardry.

We’ve been asked a lot of questions lately about Polar Inertia ; their mysterious posture has stirred up an unusual curiosity… but if you really want to know more about PI, well, listen closely to these two records, for a lot of the answers lie in the music.

RELEASE DATE …………………………………… 8th OF JUNE 2015
DISTRIBUTION ………………………………………… CLONE.NL

HISS:1292 – VéVé EP

Band : HIss


There is definitely something mysterious about Hiss:1292, and unlike a number of other techno projects, it is not the identity of the two producers at stake here.It has never been concealed : the guys behind the curtains are Opuswerk and Francois X. The latter is found at postal codes between 1200 and 1209 in Switzerland, the second in 92… right near Paris. Hence 1292. Nobody’s hiding here…

Nobody ? Well, not quite. For this new project at least hides something, or some mysterious spirits that may have chosen to haunt these vinyl grooves. Four of them to be correct ; namely Augun, Damballah, Eshu and Simbi ; four Veves of the Dahomey and Yoruba Voodoo traditions, four complex and intense spirits that have seized Hiss:1292′s music to make it their own.

It is often the intuition of similarities between Voodoo and Techno that pushes some producers to choose their track names with Vodun keywords. Indeed, intense experiences one can endure in some effective techno installment can sometimes approach the mental images we have of mystical trances and seizures. Here, the process has been different. The Voodoo Vévé theme was unintended at first, but once the project was finished, it seemed like a spell had been cast on the record, and the artists were bound to name their music after the spirits that dwell within.

If you are curious enough to read a little about Augun, Damballah, Eshu, and Simbi while you listen to the EP, you’ll probably get an eerie feeling, the machine feel of techno will start to peel off, and you’ll get the strange impression you’re listening to something else, at night, around a fire…. And don’t you worry ; the way it has been arranged, those spells should all be very “benign”…

The vinyl comes with an inner sleeve, where the sequel of the Hiss:1292 conceptual comic strip by Matthieu Cannavo has been printed.
The Vévés’ glyphs have also been represented by the creation of typographic characters, and the skull-makeup-suggestive artwork is accidental wall paint from the future DEMENT3D studios…

We hope you’ll get enthralled as much as we did in this one !

Ligovskoï – Dilip EP

Band : Ligovskoi


Of course, there’s a story behind every release, and this Ligovskoï debut on DEMENT3D goes back to one of their first live performances in Paris, back in 2011, organized by our “cousin” label Silicate : a group of artists – including DSCRD – were invited to recompose an ambient soundtrack on the movie Outland by Peter Hyams. Ligovskoï ’s live performance was absolute magic, and their intense and powerful sound signature – with moving infra-thin melodies, ethereal noises, and deep bass foundations – was already sounding perfect.

Ligovskoï, aka Nikolaï Azonov and Valerio Selig, started as a drone / ambient / experimental project in 2010. Their previous musical activities had in fact crossed our paths many times before, either at concerts where Nikolaï was performing behind the synths, or projects Valerio was presenting at Beaux-Arts de Cergy, the art school where a couple of seminal techno parties happened, orchestrated by one of Polar Inertia’s members…

Welcoming the young duo in our label’s shelf had become obvious : their tracks have very often found their way in our DJ sets, their live performances were featured in our label nights, and we even organized some more small private experimental concerts to introduce their music to our public. We felt Ligovskoï was gradually becoming more and more inspirational among a range of local and international artists, and it seemed relevant to have their rich and stirring music remixed by artists from label affiliates and other artists that we love.

So, we asked In Aeternam Vale, solo remainder of the 80’s French synth / punk / electronic band. After being blown away by some of their re-issues on Minimal Wave, and meeting him in person early 2013 at one of his rare Parisian live appearances, he delivered a hybrid reinterpretation of the track G.Y. Soon after, we asked Abdulla Rashim – who had already delivered an amazing reinterpretation of Polar Inertia’s Black Sun – to deliver some of his static magic on Labiate, resulting in a beautiful, horizontal and immersive piece.

Last but not least, on D-side of this double-EP release, both label’s co-founders, Francois X and Heartbeat each teamed up with their Parisian mates : Antigone and Voiski to execute techno versions of Ligovskoï ’s wizardry. Antigone & Francois X‘ s remix of the EP’s title track : Dilip is a mental and driving groove that merges perfectly both of their signatures, while Voiski & Heartbeat deliver a slow-tempo and powerful live take on Goha – illustrating one of the many aspects of their live project together : HBTVSK.

This release is very diverse, conveys strong emotions and states some radical aesthetics; we hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.

Francois X – Suspended In A Stasis Field

Band : Francois X


So finally, we get to release the long awaited debut EP of Francois X on DEMENT3D.

Francois X is a hard worker. Never tired of trying new experiences and starting new initiatives to focus on his energy. Since 2008 he’s been constantly involved in developing DEMENT3D. First as a DJ, then co-running the label, and more recently, remixing Polar Inertia, releasing his collaborative project with Opuswerk – Hiss : 1292 – (by the way, second Hiss EP is on its way…). Given all this history, it is only high time for him to unleash some of his black magic upon us, with his first full-blown EP since September 2011 (and that mighty Marcel Dettmann Remix) on the beloved Deeply Rooted imprint.

Much like hundreds of techno records that we love, Francois subtly weaves a canvas of very personal links between sound treatments and life events, time decay and society, spatialization and science-fiction, rumble and voodoo tribe rituals, and delivers some very powerful moments of raw and gritty music.
We’re very happy to let one of the two people we call “boss” share his music and vision, hope you’ll lose yourself on this one as much as we have.

HISS : 1292 – Aetherius Society

Band : HIss

[singlepic id=16]
DEMENT3D Records presents : HISS : 1292 – AETHERIUS SOCIETY EP // DM3D006

It was all unplanned : the duo even got its name after this first record got its mastering.

Hiss : 1292’s Aetherius Society EP is a powerful and passionate statement. The creative frenzy of two talented producers – one from Switzerland ’12’, the other one from the Parisian suburbs ’92’ – stuck together in a studio in Geneva, just a couple meters away from the roaring noise of a construction site.
They’ve been putting computers out of the picture, jamming on their machines, synths and effects, and thus creating both forward-thinking and retrofuturistic pieces of techno, with that special “instant classic” feel.

Release planned for july 2013 and distributed by clone.

Polar Inertia Remixed

Band : Polar Inertia

[singlepic id=12]
DEMENT3D Records presents : Polar Inertia Remixed  // 

The story may be quite standard, nevertheless, we feel this record is really special.

Last year, in Paris, among all the promoters that made this kind of “techno riot” happen, there was “The Only Way Out.”. It’s been found guilty for Silent Servant’s and Abdulla Rashim’s first appearances in the french capital. We’ve had the honour of sharing these line ups with them, finally getting in touch, and starting conversations that ultimately ended up being a record : dedicated to remixing Polar Inertia’s first two “EP-sodes”.

So that’s it, “Major Axis” has been handled by Silent Servant, “Black Sun” transfigured by Abdulla Rashim, and our in-house champion Francois X has made a very special treatment to “The Last Vehicle”.

We are positively thrilled about this one. Enjoy the ride !

Vinyl released in may, 2013, distributed by Clone Records

dscrd Remixed

Band : DSCRD

[singlepic id = 3]
DEMENT3D Records presents : dscrd Remixed  // 

Releasing remixes was not part of the initial plan. In fact we were growing quite averse to this idea of promoting a record label by associating it with “names” .
But then, life happened, and we understood… what remixing is all about, or maybe more accurately what remixing should be. It’s all a matter of friendship, of mutual respect and admiration. When a remix is a generous answer to an initial track, we end up listening to friends having a conversation : about horizontality or verticality, about field recordings and sound illustration, about perception.

It’s in a context of deep understanding of each other’s music that these two remixes of dscrd’ first EP have been made. Least we can say is Lucy and Polar Inertia have been among the very first ones to experience what dscrd is all about.

This is their answer.

Vinyl released in nov, 2012, distributed by Clone Records

dscrd – Panopticon EP

Band : DSCRD

This is the long awaited comeback of the gang of five – dscrd – to their first home – DEMENT3D.

The story all started 2 years ago, in november 2011, when we first released the “Discordance EP” – a collection of 4 pieces of music that would boldly set the foundations to our label : it was our very first attempt at releasing a record, and we are still thankful today for the support and public we have come across at that time.

Since then, dscrd have successfully made a name for themselves, playing a number of countries and festivals, releasing some excellent music on Silicate Music or Stroboscopic Artefacts. If one could suppose they are reaching a certain kind of maturity and comfort, well this record says the exact opposite.

These four tracks are wildly imaginative, crossover and rebellious to the electronic music format dogma. This can only resonate with the titles they have chosen for the EP . If you have seen them live, you might have spotted the voices of Foucault or Watkins here and there…

New specific sequencer software have been coded, legendary vintage bass guitar amps recorded, new ideas and equipment searched and destroyed: every dscrd record involves a breathtaking amount of research and creation.

This record, although still a short format, has been generated through an album composition process and should be listened as such

Polar Inertia – The Last Vehicle EP

Band : Polar Inertia

DEMENT3D Records presents : Polar Inertia – The Last Vehicle EP //DM3D003

The story continues as Polar Inertia releases the second chapter of their odyssey. This third release on DEMENT3D is once again formed of three different tracks, high in contrasts and emotions.
First comes “The Last Vehicle” the soundtrack where you will hear the narrator taken over by a growing mental strain. Running away with the Polar Children in a car, we start to find out more about their past, and get more and more eager to learn about the future and what exactly is this Polar Inertia.
Then, two vast techno narratives come along. “Major Axis” and “Parallel Transport” both stand out by their length and complex consructions.
“Major Axis” delivers an exhilerating sensation of speed and an acute sense of distress, with its powerful raw groove that would make any heart rush out of a coma.”Parallel Transport” is a slow and insidious ambient/noise groove that grows on your mind to reach a near-to-hypnosis state, thus illustrating the mental absences depicted by the Narrator in this episode.As Polar Inertia reaffirms its will to be considered an entity more than a duo live act, where the narrator, the film director and other artists are just as much Polar Inertia as the music makers, we, at DEMENT3D, are getting more and more intrigued about what will follow.

Vinyl will be released on march 3rd, 2012, distributed by Clone Records

Polar Inertia – The Indirect Light EP

Band : Polar Inertia

DEMENT3D Records presents : Polar Inertia – The Indirect Light EP //DM3D002

Inspired by an anticipated post-apocalyptic future, Polar Inertia formed their enigmatic techno entity in 2010 View Details

dscrd – Discordance EP

Band : DSCRD

[singlepic id=1]

DEMENT3D Records presents : dscrd – Discordance EP //

We are happy to introduce a brand new act to the scene : dscrd, a young band of five alien electronic music composers from Paris. View Details