Band : In Aeternam Vale
Release Date : 14 May ’18
Catalog ref. : DM3D020

You’re invited once again to the IAV vaults, where the measured density of “instant classics” is getting higher and higher as we dig. This time around, you’re up for three techno steamrollers, infused with both club and rave DNA, from distant times ranging between 1989 and 2000.

While those tracks will let you connect with your utmost dancefloor and rave self, one should keep in mind Laurent Prot is not your average club punter. Set aside his more recent club live PAs, Laurent has hardly even been to clubs or raves altogether. Funny enough, the dancefloor is not his favorite place to be, but he’s been cultivating this special techno fantasy-land from his own studio in the Lyon suburbs. His own little private funky town.

Speaking of Funkytown, this 1989 cryogenized squared-up mechanical version should be seen just as much as a nonchalant pastiche from the purest punk tradition. The format too, an unedited 18-minutes live machines jam with intact energy, shows no preoccupation for your classic DJ set requirements. Naïvely put : In Aeternam Vale on his best behaviour.

Subway Battle is the fruit of a collaboration with Philippe Tona, a frequent flyer at IAV in the early years. The result is a shot of pure adrenalin, made in 1995.

180 GeV is the most recent piece here, it’s a heavy collision of Industrial and Dub Techno, and an impressive progression into your deepest late-night energy powerhouses.

Thus a techno EP this time around, it also shows In Aeternam Vale is as crossover a project as it gets, where techno, punk wave, disco and industrial all blend together in unconventional ways.



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