Title : Mémoire du Présent
Release Date : 17 Jun ’19
Catalog ref. : DM3DXXX002

“MĂ©moire du PrĂ©sent’ is the first record I am releasing under my real name, Hendrik van Boetzelaer, and presents an introspection of my various musical influences, as well as a look at my Egyptian and Dutch origins and my passion for Russia. Moreover, it is a way for me to take stock of how I juggle family responsibilities with the work of an artist and how I have learnt to achieve the best of the present moment.” – Hendrik van Boetzelaer aka Opuswerk.

Following several collaborations as Opuswerk on François X’s label Dement3d, both under their joint HISS:1292 project and on his debut album ‘Irregular Passion’, this is the first project that Hendrik is putting out under his real name, coinciding with the imprint’s objective to present a form of ‘Musique de Banc d’essai’, where emotions and feelings are at the heart of the music chosen with no pre-defined boundaries to limit artist experimentation.

Sailing between techno, house and minimal pulsatile music, the EP presents four tracks that will be released in the form of a limited edition 12’ vinyl of 300 copies.


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