François X – Irregular Passion RESHAPED

Title : Irregular Passion Reshaped
Release Date : 11 Dec ’19
Catalog ref. : DM3DXXX003

François X presents Irregular Passion Reshaped, a 12 track LP that re-works the original full length LP, released in 2018.
He has invited an accomplished list of friends and artists, both established and newcomers, to reimagine the album tracks for Irregular Passion Reshaped that boldy represent his vision.
From Bjarki’, Bambounou, Pessismist to Anthony Linell aka Abdullah Rashim and more, the collection marks a beautiful transmigration of the original work, embodying the diversity and myriad influences in François’ own music.

‘I wanted a complete rework of my album, containing a wide range of musical directions. A good representation of what XXX is all about. The important thing for me was to have some real transformations on my original material, in a way its a complete new album.’ 


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