dscrd (a.k.a. Discordance) is an electronic music band born in Paris in 2008 and composed of five persons. The technical and artistic skills of our collective mainly concern the field of sound design, techniques of sound (music and videos), but also extend to development and programming software. Any musical performance by the group is naturally shaped by these tools, which enrich our sound palette, and how we play this music.

Our influences come from many musical styles, whether electro-acoustic music, improvised music, or traditional music, we try to forge links to create meaning.

This implementation pursues, in a concert situation, a collective experience around the phenomenon of trance, and implies that our music is no longer a mere entertainment “commodity”. It is rooted in a much broader experience, or concepts of repetition, sound object, image, acoustic, soundscapes, anecdotal intrusion, all intended to destroy the musical and social limits of the event, break the temporality, disorient and disrupt a musical style, a fad formatted.

It is about techno music but whose field of possibilities is not confined merely to sound synthesis, musical instrument pickup or a particular investigation; even if the most techno-fan of us could be disappointed, we want an “open” experimental music – concrete, improvised, music, noise or ambient – looking towards dancefloor music.