Polar Inertia – The Indirect Light EP // DM3D002

POLAR_INERTIA-indirect-light-bannerInspired by an anticipated post-apocalyptic future, Polar Inertia formed their enigmatic techno entity in 2010, they swiftly pointed themselves in the direction of an extremely contrasted music, both heavy and delicate.

Evoking a sci-fi end-of-the-world countdown scenario, the artists of polar inertia decided to move aside, and make way for an imaginative and poetic world based on the words of a mysterious narrator.
Their music materializes in some unique live performances, where their energy is widespread thoroughly, and becoming one with their audience, before they both disappear completely.
This is the first episode of Polar Inertia, and our second release on DEMENT3D Records.

Vinyl will be released on july 10th, 2012, distributed by Clone Records
Digital version has been released on march 3rd, 2012, distributed by Clone Records