dscrd REMIXED // DM3D004

Releasing remixes was not part of the initial plan. In fact we were growing quite averse to this idea of promoting a record label by associating it with “names”

But then, life happened, and we understood… what remixing is all about, or maybe more accurately what remixing should be. It’s all a matter of friendship, of mutual respect and admiration. When a remix is a generous answer to an initial track, we end up listening to friends having a conversation : about horizontality or verticality, about field recordings and sound illustration, about perception.
It’s in a context of deep understanding of each other’s music that these two remixes of dscrd’ first EP have been made. Least we can say is Lucy and Polar Inertia have been among the very first ones to experience what dscrd is all about.

This is their answer.

Vinyl will be released in jan, 2013, distributed by Clone Records

clone.nl link for the record