Focus on : DEMENT3D Label Night

Friday will see the very first installment of our actual label night. (RA, fb, agenda)

Live performances start from 9pm and will go on until early morning, and all of the artists will perform : dscrd, Francois X, Polar Inertia, LigovskoÏ, Heartbeat.
Expect an early start with an ambient-noise concert by LigovskoÏ, with opening act performed by Heartbeat playing solo on a very special keyboard.
Then, we’ll get to enjoy the amazing sound-system of the venue – Petit Bain – with lives of dscrd and Polar Inertia, and both solo and back-to-back Francois X & Heartbeat

hartzine pres. DEMENT3D Label Night (RA, fb, agenda)

DM3D Tape Mix
Brand new concept for us, we will regularly release mixtapes, that will be send in cassette format to the purchasers aof our limited editions.
First edition is a dscrd A-side, and Heartbeat B-side.
Playlists feature The Wire, Burnt Friedman, In Aeternam Vale, Abdulla Rashim, Frank Brettschneider, Bruce Gilbert, T++, and even Tristan Tzara or Léo Férré.
First edition has been premiered by our now close friends at hartzine, with an interview of Heartbeat in french.

DM3D Tape Mix #01 (hartzine, soundcloud)

Forthcoming releases

New EPs coming up soon by Dscrd, Francois X, Polar Inertia, Ligovskoï ; remixes by In Aeternam Vale, Abdulla Rashim, HBTVSK and last but not least ; Francois X & Antigone.
Stay tuned and follow closely, there’ll be lots of news coming up in those last four months of 2013 !
dscrd’s Panopticon EP is scheduled to come out in a couple of weeks, and could probably be released precisely 2 years exactly after their very first release here.
Prepare for a wildly creative plate !

Also, as you might have noticed, we haven’t been very keen on releasing digital.
This will change as we planned a few digital release dates for our back catalogue :
> 21st of october for Polar Inertia Remixed
> 28th of october for Hiss:1292

Check out all releases and music :

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