Francois X – Suspended In A Stasis Field

Band : Francois X


So finally, we get to release the long awaited debut EP of Francois X on DEMENT3D.

Francois X is a hard worker. Never tired of trying new experiences and starting new initiatives to focus on his energy. Since 2008 he’s been constantly involved in developing DEMENT3D. First as a DJ, then co-running the label, and more recently, remixing Polar Inertia, releasing his collaborative project with Opuswerk – Hiss : 1292 – (by the way, second Hiss EP is on its way…). Given all this history, it is only high time for him to unleash some of his black magic upon us, with his first full-blown EP since September 2011 (and that mighty Marcel Dettmann Remix) on the beloved Deeply Rooted imprint.

Much like hundreds of techno records that we love, Francois subtly weaves a canvas of very personal links between sound treatments and life events, time decay and society, spatialization and science-fiction, rumble and voodoo tribe rituals, and delivers some very powerful moments of raw and gritty music.
We’re very happy to let one of the two people we call “boss” share his music and vision, hope you’ll lose yourself on this one as much as we have.