DEMENT3D Records presents : Polar Inertia – The Last Vehicle EP //DM3D003

The story continues as Polar Inertia releases the second chapter of their odyssey. This third release on DEMENT3D is once again formed of three different tracks, high in contrasts and emotions.
First comes “The Last Vehicle” the soundtrack where you will hear the narrator taken over by a growing mental strain. Running away with the Polar Children in a car, we start to find out more about their past, and get more and more eager to learn about the future and what exactly is this Polar Inertia.
Then, two vast techno narratives come along. “Major Axis” and “Parallel Transport” both stand out by their length and complex consructions.
“Major Axis” delivers an exhilerating sensation of speed and an acute sense of distress, with its powerful raw groove that would make any heart rush out of a coma.”Parallel Transport” is a slow and insidious ambient/noise groove that grows on your mind to reach a near-to-hypnosis state, thus illustrating the mental absences depicted by the Narrator in this episode.As Polar Inertia reaffirms its will to be considered an entity more than a duo live act, where the narrator, the film director and other artists are just as much Polar Inertia as the music makers, we, at DEMENT3D, are getting more and more intrigued about what will follow.

Vinyl will be released on march 3rd, 2012, distributed by Clone Records